My journey into the world of spanking

My Second Spanking May 15, 2011

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My bottom 14 hours after my second spanking.

This morning I meet up with C again for my second spanking. You could just about see the marks from the first spanking six days ago if you knew where you were looking.

We agreed that I was going to pull up my dress, pull down my knickers and bend over C’s lap to receive the same sets as I had last time. Once we got to the point that we stopped before, I would receive one more normal set and then one longer set of thirty across the fuller part of my bottom and twenty across where my bottom meets my thighs.

Then it was time to be bent over C’s knee again. It was much easier to relax in between sets this time as I knew what was coming. I got sets of twenty across the middle of my bottom, alternating with sets of twelve across where my bottom meets my thighs. We agreed when we thought we’d got to the same number of sets as before. Then I got one more set of twenty and then twelve before it was time for the longer set. I joked with C that he might have to catch me after twenty-five, but it wasn’t as tough to hold position as I thought it would be. Maybe sets of thirty on top and twenty on bottom are the way forward now I’m a bit more relaxed and getting more used to the position.

Afterwards I enjoyed some corner time and a very nice massage before setting off for a day out in the country. Due to my rather strange sat nav it was a trip along some of England’s most beautiful, but most challenging roads. The view was worth the extra half an hours driving up hill and down dale though.

We can’t meet up next weekend, or the weekend after, so I’m going to have to wait patiently for over two weeks until spanking number three.


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